Underside of balcony in danger of collapse

Underside of balcony in danger of collapse


Example of concrete cancer beginning to undermine balcony and balcony rails.

It is vital when apartment owners incorporate a  Maintenance Schedule any works needed to treat concrete cancer are specified by an Engineer and carried out as soon as possible by a Specialist Remedial Contractor.

Many Body Corporates are not setting aside enough funds to treat this problem and  legislation that is in place means Body Corporates are required to rectify defects that could result in spalling concrete falling from facades potentially causing injury. The best way to manage this risk is to ensure that regular audits and remediation works are undertaken.

Here at SWConsult Specifying how to remedy concrete cancer is our core business. We at SWConsult give independent advice for maintaining value for Owners assets.

When steel rusts, it expands to at  least three times its original volume. So when concrete reinforcing steel rusts, this swelling causes the concrete around it to crack, exposing more reinforcing steel and concrete to the elements. The process repeats itself and spreads until the building is not safe to live in.

A property with concrete cancer may be very difficult to sell and will only cost the owners more if left unattended resulting in enormous costs to Owners who have not ‘nipped this problem in the bud’.