SWConsult were commissioned to compile a Builders Warranty Defects Inspection Report on a 14 story structure constructed in the 1960’s. Specifically, we were engaged to investigate moisture ingress from recently replaced glazing frames. It’s standard procedure to carry out water testing to the areas suspected to be allowing water ingress in a report of this kind, however access to the necessary areas of the facade was made difficult due to the lack of balconies and anchor points on the roof (photo 1).

Photo 1 – View of Building – Difficult Access Conditions

Consequently, we were engaged to provide an Engineering solution for a custom made aluminium roof rig which can be left on site to enable rope access for future works. We completed the structural design and analysis, provided the client with concept sketches and organised fabrication and installation of the rig (photo’s 2, 3 and 4).

Photo 2 – Individual truss elements before assembly

Photo 3 – Assembly of truss elements by SWC staff

Photo 4 – Final Roof Rig installed and ready for use









SWConsult assembled and tested the roof rig and provided the Body Corporate of the complex a manual for safe use in the future. We also completed the Builders Warranty Defects Inspection Report and had the Contractor responsible return to site to rectify identified defects at no expense to the Body Corporate.