SWConsult were hired as the Waterproofing Expert to determine the sources of water ingress to a restaurant located below a wellness centre. The possible sources of water ingress points within the wellness centre included the pool, spas, steam room and shower areas.

It was identified that insufficient waterproof detailing at the pipe penetrations and Control Joints resulted in most of the leaks.

pipe with negative injections to stop leaks

Negative injections attempted to stop leaks from spa pipe penetration



Empty spa showing control joint

Control Joint found within spa not suitably treated

Additionally, the steel stud works were constructed on the structural slab with topping screed laid after.

The failure of waterproof membrane on topping screed resulted in saturated topping and corroded the base channels of the steel stud walls.

Steel batten wall base corrosion

Base channel of steel batten wall corroded

After carrying out special detailing to pipe penetrations and joint repairs, the spas were waterproofed with a robust and chemical resistant sheet membrane.

Spa pipe injection material

Injection material around spa pipe penetration removed and concrete repairs conducted


Spas being waterproofed

Spas being waterproofed with robust and chemical-resistant sheet membrane


Spas newly tiled

Spas tiling works completed