SWConsult provided a Technical Specification for podium waterproofing and remedial works for Coolum Baywatch apartments, located on the Sunshine Coast. The Technical Specification detailed concrete repairs to the podium slab as well as waterproofing the podium to prevent future concrete cancer and basement serviceability problems. SWConsult also acted as Superintendents for the project.

The works involved:

  • Concrete cancer removal and repair
  • Repair of existing joints and cracks to waterproof new works and eliminate weak points for future water ingress e.g. creation of new joints at dissimilar materials to allow for expansion differences and chasing and sealing of cracks
  • Installation and waterproofing of new podium drainage outlets
  • Installation of concrete plinths around all new and existing podium penetrations e.g. pipe penetrations and posts supporting swimming pool surround
  • Waterproofing of podium expansion joint and podium slab
  • Construction of new podium deck and finishes

A brief overview of some project progress and milestones is provided below in picture format.

Existing pool deck prior to commencement of work

Pool shell as seen from basement source of significant water leaks causing damage to concrete


Podium decking deconstructed

Existing expansion joint causing leaks into basement below


Concrete repair to pool deck underway

Expansion joint waterproofing treatment, construction of micro-concrete hobs on both sides of joint prior to installation of waterproof joint and application of podium membrane


Plinths installed around all service penetrations and timber deck supports, podium and plinths all waterproofed


Finished podium deck