SWConsult were engaged for this Podium Refurbishment project to formulate a Technical Specification for repair of non-waterproofed expansion joints to a podium slab in a Residential Body Corporate complex which were allowing significant water ingress into the basement level below. As part of the project the podium was completely refurbished, including an upgraded waterproofing membrane system finished with a clean and modern tiling pattern.

Podium Refurbishment Project - Before Photo

Podium Refurbishment: Grinding of existing decorative membrane coating (in red) underway.

After the existing decorative membrane was ground back to reveal the existing structural slab, we have a chance to assess any latent conditions which can only become known after deconstruction is underway.

All drummy areas of concrete were marked, removed and subject to concrete repair to ensure a sound substrate for the waterproofing membrane to bond to.

Found planter irrigation cast into structural slab and instructed Contractor to remove for long term waterproofing and concrete durability

We requested the Contractor keep detailed records of all quantities of concrete repairs and provide measurements as well as photos for substantiation and provided monthly financial updated to the Body Corporate to ensure finances were not being unnecessarily stretched without prior knowledge and acceptance.

Podium Expansion Joint repair in progress

Deconstruction of the expansion joint revealed the concrete along the joint was drummy and not in a condition acceptable for waterproofing. This latent condition in the Works differed significantly from the technical specification. We worked alongside the Contractor and Body Corporate to formulate an alternative repair methodology within the Body Corporates financial possibilities, which included more extensive concrete repairs carried out on the basis of labour and materials.

Concrete repairs to EJ completed, substrate ready for installation of foam waterseal expansion joint

Podium areas waterproofed after surface preparations completed

Podium Refurbishment Project: Completion

Completed Podium Refurbishment Project

Podium Refurbishment: Tiled and Completed Courtyard Area

Our Superintendency of this project involved weekly inspections and meetings in the critical early stages of the works to ensure all works were being carried out according to the specification, and to ensure all parties were aware of their Contractual obligations. The open and honest communication helped build a trusting relationship between all parties involved and we were able to smoothly complete the project in an agreeable timeframe and without exceeding the project budget.


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