SWConsult were initially engaged to compile a Technical Specification for the upgrade of a commercial high rise’s facade in Brisbane. The specification included appropriate methodologies and directions for Contractors to carry our render repairs, concrete repairs, crack and joint repairs and structural steel repair and protection whilst upgrading the buildings awnings, re-painting the facade and improving waterproofing details. Further to compiling the Technical Specification, SWConsult were engaged to compile Contract Documents and to Superintend the work for the duration of the project to ensure the work was carried out as per the specification. Some examples of the instructions given by the Superintendent to the Contractors are shown in the images below.








Photo on left shows where steel legs extended through previous awning without any additional water preventing instrument. Photo on right shows installation of Dektites to penetrations to prevent water ingress through sheeting of new awning.








Photo on left shows rusting along flanges of steel PFC beams which left unattended would likely spread and compromise the structural integrity of the awning beams. Superintendent instructed Contractors to vapour blast rust areas which is a remedial strategy for removing surface rust before it becomes structural. Photo on right shows an example of vapour blasted steel flange with the rust dust still present. The Contractors were instructed to remove the dust, spot prime and paint.









The Technical Specification compiled included cutting and sealing additional joints within the facade to avoid cracking to finishes and structural elements. This is a remedial preventative measure to not only ensure longevity of finishes but to prevent any water ingress or possible concrete cancer due to facade cracks. The photo on the left is an example of cracks that can occur as a result of inadequate control joints throughout the buildings facade. The photo on the right shows a cut but unfinished facade joint with acceptable width and depth.