SWConsult (Stephen Waite)

Providing Structural Engineering Services to Strata, Body Corporates & Building Owners

In 2003 Stephen Waite founded Structural Waterproof Consulting (abbreviated to SWConsult). SWConsult provides forensic remedial building consultancy in Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW (Building Defect Engineering Consultant services). We provide remedial and structural engineering services primarily to Strata and Body Corporate Managers of residential, commercial and resort high rise buildings as well as local government, property and management services. We also consult to the remedial building sector (Contractors) who require Structural Engineering advice.

Trouble Shooting Difficult Building Issues

With many years experience in superintendency/project management and trouble shooting difficult building defect issues in the remedial building sector – i.e. leaks, concrete cancer; we’ve got you covered. The SWConsult team offers maturity comprising several decades of experienced remedial building Consultancy and Structural Engineering.

Forensic Analysis & Back Engineering

Our core competencies are in forensic analysis and back engineering to find the causes of issues in buildings and then specify a remedial solution. Issues include structural cracking, leaks, concrete cancer, balustrade defects, waterproofing and glazing frame defects. We also consult in replacement or remediation of roofs and whole of building envelopes. We carry out:

  • building condition
  • defects audits
  • dilapidation surveys
  • technical and options reports

for clients to plan their maintenance expenditure on their building over future years and protect and maintain owners and investors assets.

We Consult on Existing Structures

Note we principally consult on existing structures and are regarded as specialists in this field. Stephen Waite [MSc – Structural Engineering, BSc(Hons), RPEQ] is our principal Professional Engineer supported by his SE Queensland based team of engineering consultants.

We Enjoy 97% Referrals & Repeat Business

SWConsult’s success is evidenced by our record of 97% referrals and repeat business. Our services are competitively priced, we value our Customers and strive to achieve the best cost effective and successful solution to remedy our clients building issues.

If you value your asset then it pays to employ professional independent engineering consultants who will give the correct advice and specify the works before going to market to find a builder who is often not a remedial specialist builder and will not solve the issue.

Professional Principal Engineer – Stephen Waite

Stephen Waite - Professional Structural Engineer






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